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Bellini amazingness!

The other day my iphone committed hari siri for no reason at ALL (anyone would think that being thrown around by a toddler wasn’t a good idea). It went completely blank and stubbornly refused to self heal, no matter how many times I tried to restore it through itunes. I had to take a giant PITA trip to a Westfield on a Saturday to get it fixed, and instead of walking out with a shiny new iphone 5S (like I was secretly hoping) the girl just plugged it into itunes and restored it. Making me look like a total chump. To get over my annoyance I naturally had to go to Target and buy a Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master (poor girl’s Thermomix) as it’s currently on big sale.

I do have a bit of an excuse. After over a year of extreme sleep deprivation I had started to rely far too heavily on the freezer, takeaways and the occasional cook up, however in one of those funny little jokes the universe likes to play I have been forced back into regular cooking again. As I have previously moaned, soy is in far too many things, and Jack and I can’t live on pho & roast chicken alone (we’re both on dairy / soy exclusion for his allergies). It turns out that a good 80% of my previous ‘quick meal’ repertoire heavily featured either dairy or soy so I’ve had to really rethink my daily cooking. For added difficulty points, my toddler is not unique in being REALLY FREAKING FULL ON, meaning that standing at a stove and stirring something like a risotto for 20 odd minutes is only going to end in tears. From me. Because my risotto got interrupted and turned to shit. Sigh. Added to my general rage at a Saturday wasted not getting a free phone upgrade, I felt that buying a Bellini was almost mandatory.

I’ve gotta say I’m pretty thrilled with it so far. The first night I used the included recipe book and cooked a tolerable pea and bacon risotto for Jack that tasted surprisingly good and made excellent risotto cakes for lunch the next day. I also think I can tweak the recipe a fair bit to make it close to a good risotto – and considering all I did was chuck some ingredients in a bowl, hit a few buttons and walk away I’ll be happy with good risotto. I’ve since backed this up with dairy free salted chocolate fudge, coconut condensed milk, the best mash I’ve ever made, polenta muffins, gazpacho, coconut cardamom tapioca pudding and a wee batch of jam. Most of the recipes out there are for the Thermomix but as I have never been able to justify $2000 for a home kitchen machine I’ve just been using them as guidelines and adapting to my taste and what the Bellini can do. And it’s all been pretty amazing! The problem is that I’m kinda out of this blog game so I keep forgetting to take pics of most of it. Here’s the gazpacho recipe though, this is lifted straight from an amazing Spanish woman I know and it is my summer obsession. It is even better after a day or so and it is ridiculously refreshing. Plus you can make ‘Good news everyone, I made enough gazpacho for all!’ jokes ad nauseum. Which, if I’m going to be honest, is why I happened to remember to take a picture of it.


Bellini Gazpacho (can also be made in blender or food processor but you may have to sieve if you don’t peel the tomatoes)

To the Bellini jug add:

1kg super ripe tomatoes

1 cucumber

1 green capsicum

1/2 small onion

1 small garlic clove

8 – 10 ice cubes.

Process with cutting blade on speed 8 / 9 for a couple of minutes until super smooth (remember to have measuring cup in lid or you’re going to be wearing soup).

If you want a heartier soup or it looks a bit thin, add a slice of stale, good quality bread (I used  spelt sourdough) and process until smooth again. Add a seriously good glug of olive oil (maybe 60ml?) and a generous pinch of sea salt to taste and do a final blitz (add the oil at the end or it can separate). Chill in fridge, eat all day every day.


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